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World’s Tallest Vertical Garden

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World’s Tallest Vertical Garden

When it comes to designing green infrastructure the “One Central Park” is certainly a leader and ahead of its time. MQN is always looking for ways to build green. With our LEED certified architects we utilize sustainable practices in the design and development of all of our buildings. Vertical gardens and the complex light reflecting system tips the scale in LEED design, in this notable structure. Check out the world’s tallest vertical garden – the “Once Central Park” in Sydney, Australia.


Forming the centerpiece of Sydney’s Carlton & United Brewery development, ‘One Central Park‘ climbs to a height of 116 meters, boasting what has been referred to as ‘the world’s tallest vertical garden’.

It’s not surprising that this massive residential complex in Sydney, Australia, was the recipient of the ‘Best Tall Building Worldwide’ award, presented by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. The project, by French architect Jean Nouvel, is a marvel in every way: technologically, physically and sustainably. Its two main towers are draped from top to bottom in flowers and greenery, the work of French botanist Patrick Blanc. To keep this massive vertical park and its surrounding earthbound gardens properly fortified with light, the complex sports a light-reflecting system where 42 heliostats on the rooftop of the lower tower redirects sunlight up to 320 reflectors off the taller one.

Images courtesy of Frasers Property Australia and Sekisui House Australia. Image © Simon Wood

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