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Corporate Values

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Corporate Values

At MQN, focusing on our relationships with clients and facilitating collaborative based discussion allows us to pursue the values of: quality, integrity, innovation, sustainability and community involvement. We are very proud to define our team and the reputation of our organization with these goals. These qualities are our operating philosophy at our firm and they act to consistently guide our behaviour for how we interact with colleagues, clients, and community members. Rather than just words on a page, these are our core aspirations that our team emulates throughout all of our projects in hopes of positively shaping the communities of tomorrow with our work.

  • Relationships First

    At MQN, we put the people who use the spaces we create at the heart of our practice and the buildings we design. We foster a positive and creative work environment by involving the client, the end users, and all of our talented multidisciplinary team in each stage of the project. The result is an engaging design that is responsive to the technical, aesthetic, and budgetary expectations of the client, and offers a functional and inspirational environment for all users.

  • Collaborative Design Approach

    Collaborative communication is at the forefront of all of our projects. We embrace partnerships with our clients and with each other. For each project we assemble a team of professionals that have specific experiences and knowledge that will foster the best outcome for our clients. We have extensive experience developing programs and project drivers that we translate into a functional plan and meaningful environment that engages the users and the extended community. Our integrated design approach involving the client and user groups combined with our expertise results in spaces that have significant meaning and purpose.

  • Quality At Every Stage

    We have earned a reputation for portraying quality at every stage of the design process and we continue to refine our practices to ensure that we continue this high level of service. We are proud to practice architecture and interior design at its best.

  • Integrity

    Integrity is our ethical foundation as a professional services firm. We strive at all times to conduct ourselves with integrity, honesty, and respect— internally as a team and externally with clients and community members.

  • Innovative Environments

    Innovation is woven into our DNA as an Architecture and Interior Design firm. We pursue new ideas, embrace technology, and bring creativity to our work. Staying up to date on the latest practices and products allows us to be open to new ideas that inspire our passion of bringing innovative design concepts to life.

  • Sustainability

    At MQN we pride ourselves on using the LEED program objectives within all of our projects. Sustainability is an important value to MQN. Sustainability means making sure that the facilities we create have streamlined operations and energy conserving mechanisms that decrease life-cycle cost and increase overall efficiency. The basic principles of sustainability that we emulate can be summarized as: creating a better human environment without harming the natural environment.

  • Community Involvement

    Community involvement is how we honour our responsibilities to the various communities where we work and live. We believe in contributing as volunteers, donors, and citizens. We support individual and corporate efforts to make the world a better place.

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