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Affordable Living With Blocks Of Concrete

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Affordable Living With Blocks Of Concrete

At MQN we feel passionately about giving back to our community and are inspired by other firms and countries that do the same. The “Box House” is a great example in which we can use our knowledge and services to give back to the community. Check out the “Box House” below.


The most distinctive thing about this humble concrete house in northern Mexico isn’t at all its looks, what makes this “Box House” special is the process behind its construction. Developed under Mexican architecture workshop S-AR (a collaborative architecture workshop based in Monterrey, Mexico), whose purpose is to bring architecture and its design processes, planning and social work to poor families, marginalized communities, or to provide basic infrastructure to institutions that provide social support.

The house was erected by the very family that would live in it. With labor costs dissolved, the house then becomes more affordable, with a total cost of about $11,600 for materials.

Photo by Alejandro Cartagena
Source: ArchDaily

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